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Auditing services

PAS uses the audit procedures methodology to ensure that we provide a comprehensive and value added service to all of our audit clients. On the completion of our audit, you will receive a report detailing matters for concern and providing recommendations as to how you can improve your internal controls and accounting procedures.

International Group reporting requirements

PAS's audit team also have extensive experience in completing group audits in accordance with IFRS to enable the auditor of the parent company to place reliance on the financial statements prepared by their subsidiaries in Thailand.

Financial Due Diligence

Our audit professionals have completed many financial due diligences for clients prior to their acquisition of new business entities in Thailand. We obtain an understanding of the target company’s historical financial performance and balance sheets enabling us to assess the viability of the proposed transaction.

Tax Advisory Services

Our Tax Services include as a liaison to the state revenue / tax office for corporate and individual. This includes assistance on tax objections of the company by preparing the necessary documentation.

Internal control support

We provide consulting service in designing internal control assessment structure, not only to just comply with J-SOX regulations, but also to implement the assessment most efficiently and effectively in accordance with companies' business.

Corporate recovery consulting

Laws and regulations in Thailand on corporate recovery have been maintained and companies could have several options. We have expertise and experience to support your company's recovery.

Other support

We also offer our clients other supports and services such as below based on our professional knowledge and experience in accounting and finance.

- Valuation of unlisted shares

- Accounting review

- Risk management advisory service